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If you are looking for amazing control of your home entertainment, security or any electrical system at the with an amazing interface check out Ideabox.  I have known Matt for many years now and this company has grown and hosts an amazing reputation to many clients in and out of town.  If you want to take your home or office to the next level and impress clients and colleagues.  Or maybe your just an gadget person, then this is the right company for your needs.

Matt is one of the main people you will meet along the way and very professional every step of the process of making your vision come to life.

Las Vegas Headshots Photography IdeaboxLas Vegas Headshots Photography IdeaboxHeadshots don’t always have to have a plain backdrop.  I like to step away from the norm and present the character you are.  Here we used their office as they have some really nice storage containers that offered a perfect backdrop.  As well as the awesome Marquee letters spelling out the company name Ideabox.Las Vegas Headshots Photography IdeaboxLas Vegas Headshots Photography IdeaboxGlasses or no glasses?  Either way that big smile said hello.  Headshots are a way for you to show your customers and colleagues who you are before they meet or talk with you.  Your personality should shine through and shouldn’t feel stiff and awkward.Las Vegas Headshots Photography Ideabox


About Ideabox – At Ideabox we successfully install entertainment and control systems by completely understanding our clients needs at every level and from every perspective.

Click here to visit – Ideabox 

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