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Check out the Scheme Event Chanel N* 27 feature on their blog!

Here is Scheme Events feature from one of their last parties for Jaqueline on her Birthday inspired Chanel N* 27 party!  This is a 2 part blog so visit them both!

Chanel-n°27 Part 1

Chanel-n°27 Part 2

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  • RahulSeptember 29, 2015 - 10:23 pm

    I’m happy your trying to gain your wegiht back, i was very worried about you getting so skinny (as one of my best friends is anorexic) and I think many other commenters were too. So I think it’s really good your giving a statment about it, I just think it’s very hard to see in this post, I just found it accidently today!

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