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Elaine and Joel Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding | Stevenson, Washington

Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding

Stevenson, WA (Gorge-ous Weddings)

Elaine and Joel celebrated their Vintage Carnival Styled Wedding at the beautiful Wind Mountain Ranch (Gorge-ous Weddings) on June 20, 2013.  As the day began with the gentleman get a clean shave and cut at the amazing Modern Man Barber Shop.  The ladies were back at the ranch getting pampered themselves by the girls of Sky Bella Artistry.  A nice relaxed morning as we started early and allowed everyone to mingle and take in the breathtaking view of the Gorge from the venue.

Petalos Design brought together the dream that Elaine and Joel shared for this wonderful theme with decor and detail that capture their thoughts.  Stephanie and her team worked hard while setting up the carnival games and monster sized balloons at each table and more for this celebration.  Artisan Cake Company put together what could simply be one of the most amazing cakes I have seen in a while with a full turning cake top with two elephants on the top.  Vintage furniture by Something Borrowed gave guests a nice lounge area outside the tent to relax, mingle and enjoy that fresh air.

A look into this beautiful day celebrated but their loved ones.

Adam Trujillo.

Modern Man Salon, Portland Wedding Photographer Pictures.Modern Man Salon, Portland Wedding Photographer Pictures 0002.Portland Wedding Photographer, Makeup getting ready pictures.Elaine was glowing and excited to marry her love, and her anticipation was timeless.  True love she shared for Joel and he shared it right back.Portland wedding photographer, bridal hair and makeup stylist.A lovely wedding bouquet that celebrated her Fathers life with a small picture that she would carry throughout the day.  I love the small details that carry such love and importance in a wedding day.  I was truly honored to be a part of their wedding day.Petalos Bridal Bouquet White Pink and Orange, Portland Wedding Photographer.Getting Ready Portland Wedding Photography pics, wedding gown fitting.Flower girl picture, Portland Wedding Photographer.Wedding Rings pictures at the Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.First look with Elaine and Joel.  Joel was so nervous to face his blushing bride and many times showed emotion of true love.  These two and their love story could make anyone choke up as all day they could do nothing but smile and gaze upon each other and the start of their new life together.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding, First Look Wedding Photography Portland.Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding Portraits, Portland Wedding Photography.Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding Portraits, Portland Wedding Photography. Bridal Portraits Washington.Wind Mountain Ranch Wedding Portraits, Portland Wedding Photography. Bridal Portraits Washington.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding ceremony photography pictures.Washington Wind Mountain Ranch, Bridal Party Wedding photography.Washington Wind Mountain Ranch, Bridal Party Wedding photography.Washington Wind Mountain Ranch, Bridal Party Wedding photography.Balloons, Popcorn and glazed peanuts!  Thats how you celebrate a vintage carnival themed Wedding Ceremony!Wind Mountain Ranch ceremony detail set up, balloons at the Gorge.Along side Joel walked their baby Kyro.  He is like a child to them and was an important member of this wedding party.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding ceremony photography pictures.Elaine cruised up in her stylish vintage car glowing and smiling ear to ear as she held her bouquet in celebration of her Wedding Day.  Look at that beautiful smile, this is what I love about wedding photography, is the emotion and true love morning to night.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding ceremony photography pictures. Vintage car rental.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding ceremony photography pictures.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding ceremony photography pictures.This was an emotional day and many tears of happiness were shared by the couple and families who know them best.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding ceremony photography pictures.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding ceremony photography pictures.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding carnival games photography pictures.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.Beautiful cake by Artisan Cake Company.  Can it get any better?Carnival Vintage theme wedding cake at the Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures. Cake cutting pictures.First Dance Washington Wedding Photography. Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.First Dance Washington Wedding Photography. Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.First Dance Washington Wedding Photography. Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.Lets talk about a crazy pie eating contest to separate this wedding into a whole new tradition as guests laughed and chowed down on mini pies.  Laughter rang threw the tent as everyone gathered to watch the handful of guest partake in this madness.Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures. Pie eating contest.Reception Dancing at the Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.Reception Dancing at the Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.Night view of tent wedding reception at the Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding reception photography pictures.Night Time wedding pictures at Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding photography pictures.Night Time wedding pictures at Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding photography pictures.Night Time wedding pictures at Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding photography pictures.A moonlit night to end the wedding day.  Clear blue sky and a few night time portraits as this wedding came to an end.  I am so happy and thankful that they chose me to capture this beautiful wedding day.  I am truly blessed to have such amazing couples choose me to be their wedding photographer and I love that I get to capture these priceless moments for them.Night Time wedding pictures at Wind Mountain Ranch Washington Wedding photography pictures.


Wedding Dress Designer: Justin Alexander

Barber Shop: Modern Man Barber Shop

DJ: Richie Valdez (DJ Playtime)

Decor and Floral: Petalos Design

Planner: Petalos (Stephanie Major)

Furniture and Chair Rentals: Something Borrowed, Lavena B, Peter Corvallis

Caterer: Eat your heart out

Video: Ary Dalton

Venue: Gorge-ous Weddings/Wind Mountain Ranch

Suits:  Mens Wearhouse

Car Rental: Wind Mountain Ranch

Cake:  Artisan Cake Company


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  • LinenTableclothAugust 12, 2013 - 7:18 am

    Hello Adam! Found your site through a link on a Facebook page called NW Vendors. Fell in love with all the human stories in action here. Loved the small details that served as storytellers. Of course that is because you captured all the perfect moments, as they happened. Personally, I was move by the romance that was the reason for the wedding and the mini-stories that surrounded that love story. Thank you for sharing! And yes, I am a fan of Artisan Cake Company too. That’s what brought me here. 🙂

    K.A. of

  • LinenTableclothAugust 12, 2013 - 7:19 am

    I meant to say, “I was moved.” Sorry for the error. (Was just excited to post a comment!) – K.A.

  • SusanaSeptember 29, 2015 - 10:23 pm

    Thanks so much for making me laugh. While your itnent is to talk about your customers’ buy cycles, I read this differently. What your wife wanted from you was a simple statement Honey, that suit makes you look great. She would then have said, Really? And your correct response Yes, really! You look really good! Would have made her happy and let her buy that suit because she would have had reassurance from you that she was making the right decision, and she would have felt great because she would have known that you actually notice her in a bathing suit. This has a lot to do with what men and women want from each other and that’s a WHOLE different conversation. I wonder if this isn’t a conversation for Jeannie Worrick about how men and women sell differently. Maybe a woman candidate would understand that the prospect is ready to buy the product that solves the problem I need a bathing suit when the correct thing has been said and the correct feelings have been elicited Oh my goodness, that suit makes you look 10 years younger!

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