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Hilton Lake Las Vegas Wedding Details

Hilton Lake Las Vegas

Wedding Details

Las Vegas Wedding Reception Guest Table Board.  A beautiful and creative way to direct guests to their table.  Assigned seating with style as guests names were displayed inside a large golden frame and pinned to a mossy back drop.  While staying with the theme and look this was much better than just a standard board for guests to view.  With a mix of linens and alternating height in centerpieces, the minds palette was very entertained and refreshed.  While encased in a beautiful green garden area surrounded by the lovely Hilton, Scheme Events organized and planned to challenge the traditional one linen and layered multiple coordinating decor and colors that complimented each other nicely.  The floral complimented this look and had a very dreamy and stylish look.  As every area wrapped around a massive fire pit that helped keep the guests warm at night and also became a beautiful focal point leading right to the stage for the band.Las Vegas Wedding Florist and Wedding centerpieces.  Hilton Lake Las Vegas Wedding Photographer.Lake Las Vegas Wedding Photography Pictures.  Wedding Photographer Photos of Reception Details.Las Vegas Reception Band and Entertainment.  Marquee Letters for Bride and Groom.Las Vegas Wedding Flower centerpieces.  Outdoor garden wedding reception photography pictures.Bistro lights strubg from one end to another meeting in the middle, gave an enchanting and romantic glow of warm light to gaze upon.  Lighting is so important and most times over looked or never mentioned until guests are sitting in a dark rook or outdoors.  When working with a professional Wedding Planner you are sure to have your Wedding looking the best and most flattering to your eyes.  Light is everything, without it ll your beautiful flowers and decor sit in the dark barely recognized or noticed.Las Vegas White Wedding Cake with Red flowers.Hilton Lake Las Vegas Wedding Photographer.  Garden Wedding Reception with Scheme Events.Here is a nice vantage point of those beautiful bistro lights and the effect they have on this lovely outdoor Wedding Reception.  I cant imagine the difference and less impact it would have without them.  Hilton Lake Las Vegas Garden Area for Weddings.  wedding details and lighting in LAke Las vegas.A beautiful view of the lovely planning and detail that went into this Wedding Reception.  LED Unplugged have amazing bistro lights that light up in such an elegant way any reception Ballroom.  Talk about a beautiful way to eneteratin guests and family during your Wedding.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Wedding Planning and Coordination: Scheme Events/ Wedding Venue Location: Hilton Lake Las Vegas/ Wedding Florist and Decor: Layers of Lovely/ Lighting and Marquee Signs: LED Unplugged

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