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AC Steaming up her Boudoir photography set.

I have been wanting to do a full black and white shoot for a while.  When I was allowed full control of this daytime boudoir shoot I wanted to capture her in a soft natural light and produce timeless photos that were sensual and playful.  The vintage look is adored by many right now and I don’t want to fall into a phase but I love the soft light look at times and I think with out to many filters and as simple as a nice black and white is all a photo needs.  The feeling is in the moment and I like to keep it in focus for whomever might that moment capture.  I love photographing boudoir in a new light that steps out of the spotlight and emphasizes the sensual nature of a woman.  When looking for locations to shoot I always consider the feel of a look and sometimes that leads to a particular suite or home that showcases the backdrop that you just can’t get in a studio with a variety of props.  I always say I like to step out of the box and photograph you in a real environment that is perfect for the shoot.  I chose the beautiful Rumor Hotel of the Las Vegas Strip a few blocks that has a vintage and modern look at the same time with accents of purple and white decor.  Add a little lace some stunning eyes and we have a shoot!  Heres a taste of this fabulous shoot for you to enjoy.

Hotel Suite – Rumor Boutique Hotel / Boudoir Photographer – Adam Trujillo Photography

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