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As this years WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) comes to a close, I think I learned some great tools to reflect on in my Personal and Business life.  After all that is what I want to be able to do, is to spend quality time with my family and run a great and successful photography business.

Part of growing is finding out what tools can help me when I am in the field shooting wether its a Wedding or beautiful Family portrait session.  I pride myself on not bringing a whole studio to my shoots and being ably to capture a moment on the fly!  No big heavy equipment and utilizing what I have and making it work to its full potential.  So this year I had my focus on a couple cool things one I have already been using is my Raiopoppers.  I love these for that off camera flash that lights up the room how I want and can be controlled right from my camera.  This allows me to create great light and ambient tones without the Bride or Groom being flashed in the face all night.

Another part of consideration has been how to conveniently carry my second camera thats easy to access and not in my way when I am high and low shooting.  After much deliberation and research I am happy to now be using the fabulous Spider Holster.  This is like a belt and allows the camera to sit right on my hips ready to engage!  I must say I am looking forward to use this on my next shoot!

Last was a fun camera I thought would be great for home use on my Son and us as a Family.  But I may be bringing on a few fun shoots so we will see!  Its my new Fujifilm Instax 210.  Taking instant Polaroid film to the next level!  This should be a fun camera to play with as it allows the user to integrate different lens attachments for wide to zoom and color filters.


Spider Holsters

Fujufilm Instax 210

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